I’m a mama to 2 boys, Angus (6 years) and Theo (4 years). I started my parenting journey with my now husband, Paul, when I had Angus at 23, pretty young by today’s standards! Having both our boys in our wedding was something super special to us.

In my spare time I love listening to true crime podcasts, walking, and getting take-away delivered after the kids are in bed.

I am very lucky to have had a fairly easy breastfeeding journey, I fed Angus until 10 months old, and Theo until he was 12 months old. While Angus did not care how he got his milk (breast or expressed) as long as he got it, Theo was not the same! He flat out refused anything that wasn’t the breast and eventually skipped bottles all together and was happy to have expressed milk from a sippy cup when I went back to work.

Biggest breastfeeding challenge: Keeping my supply up while I expressed at work

If I could change one thing: I didn’t even know breastfeeding clothing was on offer when I was breastfeeding! So I wish I had have known so I could get myself some items to make feeding easier.

Fun fact: at 21 I was the flower girl at Liz and Jay’s wedding, and their daughter Grace was the flower girl at mine and Paul’s wedding!