I’m the co-creator of Grace (4 years) and Barry (18 months) with my husband, Jay. I enjoy crafting and creating when I have time, and catch ups with good friends.

My breastfeeding journey didn’t start the greatest with nipple refusal, suspected tongue tie and thrush, which all turned out to be vasospasm. After getting treatment for this I was able to feed Grace until I was pregnant with Barry. Once my (already large) boobs grew again Grace said “big milk!” and never fed again. With Barry I had a couple of bouts of mastitis, my vasospasm returned but was quickly managed and we’re still going strong now. He loves his milk!

Having discreet breastfeeding clothing really helped me feel empowered to feed in public. My Olivia hoodie was an absolute must for managing my vasospasm through winter.

Biggest breastfeeding challenge: the six weeks of trying to figure out why breastfeeding was so damn painful before learning about vasospasm and getting proper treatment.

If I could change one thing: Anxieties be gone!

Fun fact: Hubby and I were housemates before we got together. I bought my house when I was very young and he was my boarder, helping me to cover the mortgage. He never moved out!