Mama to the light of my life Oliver (2yr 5m), our dog Pinot, and married to a Frenchman.

Massive foodie and wine-o, sucker for any market (night, food or random goodies)!

My breastfeeding journey, like every mother, was not an easy one. Undiagnosed vasa previa meant Oliver was born by c-section at 36 weeks, so of course I had no milk. I pumped and pumped and pumped, so of course ended up with oversupply, 2 bouts of thrush and lots of bleeding early on, but we successfully boobed for 14 months. Sadly little man weaned himself when he had tonsillitis, but I was lucky to have done it as long as I did!

I was so self conscious early on feeding in public, and having easy and discreet clothes really helped me gain confidence to feed anywhere. The Olivia hoodie was my lifesaver in winter!

Biggest breastfeeding challenge: feeding in China, where showing skin is still pretty taboo and women just don’t feed in public

If I could change one thing: eliminate all the mum guilt

Fun fact: I met my husband overseas whilst competing as a professional ballroom dancer